Why Solar ?

Saves Money

The main reason people are switching to Solar Energy is to simply save money.
When you are generating your own solar energy you don’t need to buy electricity from the grid, this can save households hundreds of dollars of each electricity bill.
Grid energy prices are expensive and only going to get worse in the future, so the amount you save may continue to increase and will help to protect you from these likely future price rises.
In addition, any excess energy you generate will also be fed back into the grid and you may be eligible for feed-in tariffs. Switching to Solar energy is an investment that pays for itself.

Saves Environment

Solar energy is the cleanest and most viable form of energy available in today’s market. By switching to solar energy you are doing your part in increasing the quality of air that we breathe by reducing the existence of harmful carbon dioxide and methane emissions (greenhouse gasses) generated by traditional energy sources i.e. by burning fossil fuels.
An often forgotten environmental benefit of solar energy is that it doesn’t require the use of water to generate energy. Solar Energy is renewable. Scientists estimate that more energy hits the earth from the sun in 1 hour than humanity uses in an entire year and is practically infinite. Contrast that with fossil fuel energies that are based on finite resources that need to be dug out of the ground and refined with environmentally sensitive and expensive processes. Collectively, humanity needs to switch to renewable energy technology such as solar energy as soon as possible before the damage to the environment is irreversible.

Easy Installation

Although PV Solar Energy systems are complex, our qualified electricians can install a complete solar energy system at your home or business all in one day. Once installed, your system will start generating electricity immediately and is largely maintenance-free. You can sleep easy at night knowing that all our systems are installed in accordance with Australian standards as well as Clean Energy Council regulations. If you want to learn more about solar energy and how it can benefit you then contact us for a chat.