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More than a million homes in Australia have already gone solar in Australia. Many more are considering going for solar panel installation in Darwin soon. 

For those of you who belong to this later section, there is a query you must have. You probably wish to know what happens in the solar panel installation process

Here we have outlined the steps of the installation procedure. Read the points thoroughly and stay prepared for the soon-to-be solar panel owners.

Solar Panel Installation Guide – Step by Step Process

Step 1 – Site Inspection

The team of professional Darwin solar installers will visit your site after signing the contract. They will evaluate the condition of the roof for proper solar installation. This is to make sure the roof is structurally sound for the installation process.

The experts will also look at your home’s electric panel (the grey box in your basement). If needed, they’ll upgrade it. 

Step 2 – Secure Permits

Before the big installation task, there are a few bureaucratic hoops you need to jump through. Specifically, you will need to obtain permits and documentation that specifies –

  • Your solar panel installation is legal.
  • Your social panel system meets the local safety and zoning requirements.

Trust us – you will get a lot of headaches to get your solar panel permits issued. This step may sound intimidating. But there’s good news! 

If you hire Oneroof Solar for the installation process, we will handle this paperwork for you. All you need to do is lend a signature here and there. Here are the permits we will file on behalf of you –

  • Electrical and building permits.
  • Permission from the local power utility company to install solar and enrol in net metering.
  • Applications for solar panel incentives that curb the upfront cost of the installation process.

Step 3 – Get The Right Solar System Components

While your paperwork is getting ready, pick out the solar panel equipment. You can take the assistance of your solar panel installers for this. 

Look for components as per your solar panel requirements and budget. Once you obtain the permits, order your solar panel equipment. 

Step 4 – Time For Solar Power Installation

On the day of the solar installation, the professionals will come and prepare your roof. They will verify and ensure all the roof tiles or shingles are correctly attached.

Then, the installers will place the wiring to connect the solar panels to the electrical system. After putting down the wires, the experts will place raking. Rakes will hold your solar panels in place. 

The solar panels will be placed into the ranks and the inverter attached to the panels. If you have a solar battery bank, the installers will also set that up.

Step 5 – Approve The Solar System

Once the solar panel system is in place, the installer will turn on the system. But there is a vital step before that. A municipal government representative has to assess and approve the system. Then, they will issue permits to operate (PTO). This is not a compulsory requirement, just a safety precaution

Also, ask a representative from the local utility company to interconnect the system. They will hook your system to the main electric grid.

For Further Queries, Connect With Oneroof Solar

These are just general steps to installing solar panels. Specific guidelines may vary from home to home. 

For additional questions about the solar installation process, reach out to Oneroof Solar. We will guide you through the installation process and get the work done efficiently.

Connect with us to know our solar power installation price quotes!

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