Local Solar Company in Darwin

Local Solar Company in Darwin

As a local solar company in Darwin, we get asked this question dozens of times a day “Are solar panels worth it in Australia?”

To cut through the noise related to the worthiness of solar panels, here is an overview to help you understand why every household in Darwin must install solar panels today.

Are Solar Panels Worth Installing In Australia?

Firstly, energy bills are soaring high in Australia. Households and businesses are looking for a way to reduce power bills by switching to a more renewable source of energy – solar energy.

Being one of the best local solar company in Darwin, we install premium 6.6 kW solar systems starting from just $28 per week. So comparing the electricity bills, you are paying, installing Oneroof solar panels in Darwin can help reduce your electricity bills by $400 per year per kW of solar.

So by installing an 8kW solar system from your local solar company in Darwin, you can save up to $3400 a year. That’s a hefty amount, indeed!

Added to that, if you’re installing solar batteries with your solar system, you can actually replace your entire power consumption with solar energy.

How Much Do You Pay For Power?

To determine the correct answer to this question, you must by noting how much you pay for your power (plus the GST). With no solar power installed, you pay around 25 to 35 cents a kWh if you are paying a flat rate and up to 50 cents if you are using it during peak hours.

Comparing it to The Cost of Solar

Solar power costs only around 5 to 6 cents per kWh to produce, making it a way cheaper option to generate electricity compared to your typical power companies.

By installing Oneroof solar panels in Darwin from your local solar company in Darwin, you are generating solar power at your home and not buying power from the grid. And if you don’t use the power as it is generated, it is fed off to the grid, and you pay little money to your power retailer.

How Much Should You Pay for Installing a Solar Power System?

If you are looking for a cheap solar system, you are simply preparing yourself to fail – because the cheaper end of the industry is plagued with issues. Starting from unprofessional installers, no-name Chinese products, to under-performing panels, to name a few. These installers don’t provide any warranty, and soon you will realize you’ve wasted your money.

But installing solar panels from your local solar company in Darwin – OneRoof  Solar – you are installing the best solar panels at reasonable rates.

With Oneroof solar panels in Darwin, you get:

  • Full technical and financial performance visibility.
  • Full visibility of PV production, house consumption, battery storage and grid export.
  • Quick fault detection and alerts
  • Free and easy access from smartphones and computers.
  • Flexible payment plans
  • And obviously, amazing Darwin solar rebates.

So what are you waiting for? Connect with your local solar company in Darwin and install our premium quality solar system installed in your property today. Call to get your free quotation!

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