The sun is scorching and you step outside just to find a hefty electric bill.. You know solar power could be a solution, but all those whispers and rumors online have you feeling hesitant.

Are solar panels a money pit? Do they really work in Darwin’s heat? Can they power your entire home?

There are so many questions and misconceptions that cloud your mind! And with the increased popularity of solar panel installation Alice Springs as the most efficient energy source, you feel that these misconceptions are brimming day by day.

Today we are going to set the facts straight! In this write-up we are going to address the myths – debunk them – and clear your confusion once and for all.

The Reality About Renewable Source of Energy

When it comes to adopting a solar power system Darwin NT, people often question their efficiency in terms of whether or not they can generate enough electricity from sunlight to slash off high electricity bills and help them take control of their energy future.

In reality, if you have proper solar panel installation on an adequately sized roof, then a solar power system can generate more energy than what is typically required by an average sized household. This allows you to save extra energy in the battery storage system or feed back into the grid. This can potentially bring down your high energy bills to zero.

Myth 1

Solar Panels Are Only For Rich People

This is probably one of the oldest solar myths that goes back as far as the 70s. The photovoltaic technology (PV), was relatively new to the market at that time, and also quite popular amongst homeowners.

But now the fact is – the cost of solar panels Desert Springs NT has been reduced drastically. Nowadays solar panels have become majorly affordable and bring you both short-term and long-term benefits.

Additionally with the availability of various financing options, incentives and rebates solar panels have become well within reach. Get in touch with OneRoof Solar and take advantage of amazing rebates upto $4000. Not only that you can also buy 6.6kW Single Phase Solar System Darwin NT starting just from $28 per week. 

Myth 2

Solar Panels Require Constant Maintenance and Repair

Many people who want to invest in solar panels are often thrown off by the idea of continuous solar panel repair and maintenance

Solar panels, however, are designed to require minimal maintenance and little care. Since they have no moving parts then no worry of wear and tear. With OneRoof Solar, you  get a 25 years warranty on solar panel installation. The only maintenance needed to ensure your solar panels function optimally is occasional cleaning to remove dirt, debris, and bird droppings. 

Myth 3

Solar Installations Emit Harmful Electromagnetic Radiation

It is true that when solar panels are installed, low-level electromagnetic radiation (EMR) and electromagnetic fields (EMF) are emitted. But your TV, smartphone, and any other electrical devices do the same. The World Health Organization has confirmed that weak EMR/EMF exposure does not cause cancer or any other illness.

In reality, solar panel installation offsets harmful pollutants generated from other power sources like fossil fuels. Therefore by adopting to solar, you are helping you environment

Myth 4

Solar Panel Installation Damage Your Roof 

People often say that solar panels Ilparpa NT installation damages your roof. And this misconception comes from the fact that professional solar installers have to have to drill holes for lag bolts before they add flashings and sealant.

Actually, solar panels can serve as weather-shielding barriers and to keep your roof safe from the elements and prolong its life. If you work with unprofessional solar installers, their lack of knowledge in handling installation can damage your roof. However with a reputed and experienced solar installation company – you don’t have to worry about anything.

Want expert to help install solar panels in Alice Springs today! Get in touch with certified solar installers.

Myth 5

Solar Panels Decreses Your Property Resale Value

Given that money is (understandably) the most important topic on people’s thoughts, it seems logical that a lot of misconceptions about solar panels deal with money. 

However, the fact is quite the opposite! Solar panels are regarded as one of the best investments, because it boosts home value and appeals to potential purchasers. According to statistics, homes with solar panel installation sell for 41% more than those without. In fact property buyers in Darwin are willing to pay extra premiums on homes with solar panels because of the long-term saving on energy bills.  Install Solar Panels in Darwin, NT from OneRoof Solar today!

Myth 6

Solar Panels Will Make Your Utility Grid Obsolete 

Although solar energy helps create a more distributed energy system, your utility grid is not going to become obsolete. When excess energy is not needed locally, solar power systems can be used in combination with the grid to feed it back in. When production is minimal or at night, the grid is still essential for supplying electricity.

Myth 7

Solar Energy Are Only Suitable For Powering Homes

This statement couldn’t be far from the truth. Yes residential properties can majorly benefit from solar power installation. However the power of solar panels can be utilized by commercial buildings, farms, schools, and even entire cities. Also solar power is used in off-grid locations to charge vehicles.

Final Thoughts

It is imperative to dispel the myths and misconceptions surrounding solar panel installation to move forward to a sustainable and energy efficient future. You can now decide for yourself whether or not solar energy is the best option for you. 

If you want to install solar panels in your home or want more information about Solar Panel installation, feel free to get in touch with OneRoof Solar. We will help you navigate the journey of solar installation along with all the facts and information.

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