Solar Installation

DIY (do it yourself) solar installation may sound like a simple job – where you only have to worry about bolting a bunch of solar panels to the roof. Even some companies sell DIY solar kits, marketing their products with the sales pitch that you’ll be able to start enjoying clean energy as soon as you complete the installation.

But how safe do these DIY kits provide?

Certain solar power systems in Palmerston City NT can be self installed – giving you some options to cut corners.  However, with solar panels Palmerston NT 0875, there is more to just attaching them to the roof.

If you’re not a professional solar installers Palmerston NT, this exciting initiation can get very complicated – and most importantly, it can jeopardise your safety, leading you to spend more money in the long run. You should always get help from expert solar installers Palmerston NT, whenever you are thinking of going solar.

So, before you jump into your DIY solar installation project, here are some pros and cons to consider.

Pros of DIY Solar Panel Installation

DIY solar power projects come with benefits such as lower costs, greater control, and convenience. This kind of project for home improvement easily appeals to people who regularly have the habit of completing large, complex projects themselves.

DIY Solar Can Save You Money 

Undertaking your own solar installation saves you the money that you would have invested in third-party installers. Also, if you can design a solar panel system that can take care of your home’s electricity needs – this will minimise your upfront installation cost.

  • Save Some Money 

According to reports, labour costs amount to around 10% of the total solar installation cost. But with DIY solar installation, you don’t have to worry about any such expenses.

  • Wide Range of Options to Choose From 

There is a wide variety of options for solar power systems in Palmerston City NT – ranging from price to output and efficiency. Palmerston NT solar installers work with a limited number of manufacturers, which restricts their options for solar panels.

But with DIY solar installation, you are free to buy panels that fit your budget and needs.

DIY Solar Projects Give You Control

If you have good experience with DIY and like to take control of home projects, DIY solar panel installation can be the perfect option for you.

Purchase any equipment 

Since you’re not connected with any third party, you can purchase any panel and equipment you need.

  • Customise your Projects 

You can tailor different aspects of the solar installation Palmerston NT process based on your needs, desires and timeline.

DIY Projects Offers Convenience 

If you have a design in mind – DIY solar installation can help you bring that vision to life. In addition, you are not stuck waiting for the work schedule of third-party installers.

Avoid these hassles and hire certified solar installers Palmerston NT, today! Get your free quote!

Cons of DIY Solar Panel Installation 

You might be experienced with DIY projects, but with solar installations, you can run into serious problems:

DIY Solar Requires Specific Knowledge

With DIY Solar installation, you must have certain knowledge and skills, unlike your weekend home improvement projects. It’s not like putting up some shelves or digging a tree stump.

Demands a Lot of Skill and Time 

Ask any expert solar installers Palmerston NT, and they will tell you the organisation and intrusive that goes into installation. From design to installation, it is a time-demanding project.

Risk of Roof Damage and Leaks

Unless you have a flat roof, solar installation requires drilling lash into the roof. Any drilling in the wrong can cause structural damage, and wrong sealing and flashing can lead to leakage and mould issues.

Physical Danger 

Two of the most significant risks associated with DIY solar installation are heights and high voltage. It is not only about physical danger. If you face any problems with your solar panels, it will be up to you to go back to the roof and troubleshoot the issue by yourself.

Therefore, be smart and consult your solar needs with professional solar installers Palmerston NT.

Can’t Claim Incentives

If you are going for DIY solar installation, then you can’t enjoy the benefits of solar incentives that are offered by the government. Also, there will be no warranties on solar panels unless you get them installed by professional installers of solar power Palmerston.


Don’t fall victim to this DIY solar installation trend. It is not your typical home improvement project. If you’re looking for reliable solar installers Palmerston NT, connect with certified solar installers of OneRoof Solar. We bring you premium solar solutions with amazing rebates and zero deposit and payment installation options.

What are you waiting for? Go solar with OneRoof Solar today!

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