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Why Should Your Business Embrace Solar Power Right Now?

The commercial utilization of energy is a major chunk of our country’s energy quota. According to reports, about 35% of the energy produced in Australia is used up by businesses. No wonder, why additional attention is now given to green techniques that save energy!

Speaking of green energy, taking commercial power from a solar energy company is the latest trend. Read below!

Commercial Solar Panel Installation

Walmart boasts of a magnificent 142 MW of solar photovoltaic capacity across 348 solar installations. Target, Apple, IKEA, Walgreens are some other top names that are taking power from the solar energy company.

Why Are Businesses Moving Towards Solar Power?

“Going green” is the goal of the organizations that are working towards saving the planet. That goal is driving big corporations to hire a solar energy company too. More and more companies over the world, including Australia, are embracing solar energy than ever before.

There are many valid reasons behind this change and we will tell you below –

Cutting back on fuel dependency

For most companies, going solar is a way to remain profitable. As non-renewable energy sources such as oil and coal are limited in supply, their prices are likely to keep on increasing.

But, the prices of solar panels have dropped by more than 60% in the last decade. Going solar is bringing the benefits of increasing profits to businesses.

Reduced energy costs

Constant supply of energy is vital for the smooth running of a business. Thus, most businesses incur high energy cost bills for their daily operation activities. But by going solar with the solar energy company, the bills are lowering down.

According to Energy Sage, commercial businesses can save up to 75% on energy costs by using solar energy. The average time frame within which a business can repay the solar installation costs is 3-5 years. Thus, the remaining energy savings will be pure profit. This is a huge ROI for the business.

Energy security and independence

Going with solar energy will reduce the reliance on the national grid. This makes businesses less vulnerable to frequent power cuts and outrage. Thus, there will be no hampering with productivity levels due to power cuts.

Also, storing solar energy on the premises ensures that you have a power backup that you can always use if the main supply fails.

Solar rebates

The local, state and national government supports green energy sources. So, they offer tax benefits and rebates to organizations that shift to solar energy.

As per the latest information, if you install panels from the solar energy company in 2022, the federal government of Australia provides a subsidy of $447 per kW installed.

Makes you a green business

Green businesses have a comparatively competitive advantage over non-green businesses. Using renewable energy sources for your business conveys your commitment to sustainability. That will attract environmentally conscious customers to your company.

Also, going green will put your company on the path to achieving “LEED certification”. This is one of the ambitious sustainability goals in the corporate world.

Increased space and silence

Unlike other energy sources such as mobile generators, solar energy doesn’t take too much space on-premises. Additionally, the solar panels operate silently. So, you don’t have to bother dealing with noise disturbance complaints from nearby residents.

Make Your Business Experience The Benefits of Solar Today!

There has never been a better time for businesses to switch to solar. So, without further ado, get solar power with Oneroof Solar – the top-rated solar energy company in Darwin.

Contact us today and solar your business ahead.

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