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Best Commercial Solar System in Alice Springs – Did you know the world’s total energy needs for one year can be covered by the sun in just one minute?

Yes, you read that right! In fact, in 24 hours, the sun can generate more energy than the entire world population can consume in 27 years.

Needleless to say, solar energy can be truly a reliable, lasting, cost-effective, and efficient energy source for commercial properties. But the chosen commercial solar system must match the needs of the property.

A wide range of commercial solar panels is available in the market. To give you a detailed overlook, Oneroof Solar Panels in Darwin has taken the initiative to help you know the different types of solar panels. We hope our blog finds you at the right time and helps you choose the best commercial solar system in Alice Springs.

Categorizing The Different Types Of Commercial Solar System Panels

In this blog, we will be distinguishing the types of solar panels as per the first, second, or third generations. The classification mostly focuses on the efficiency and cost of solar panels.

1st Generation Solar Panels –
Monocrystalline Solar Panels

The monocrystalline panels are the purest ones. It has a high-efficiency rate reaching above 20%.

The advantages monocrystalline panels bring in for commercial solar system installation are – high power output, less space occupancy, and long-lasting. But they are the most expensive of the solar panel bunch.

Polycrystalline Solar Panels

These panels have a low price and low efficiency (around 15%), low space occupancy, and low lifespan.

The choice between the mono and polycrystalline panels entirely depends on the need and use of your commercial solar installation. So, weigh the pros and cons before making a choice.

2nd Generation Solar Panels –
Thin Film Solar Cells

These solar panels are – less expensive, more flexible, and are less affected by high temperatures. But they take up a lot of space and come with a short warranty. So, if you have ample space for commercial solar system installation, it will be worth choosing this one.

Amorphous Silicon Solar Cell

“Thin” is what defines this type of solar panel. It has a thickness of only 1 micrometer. It is also relatively lower in price. But they have an efficiency rate of only 7%, making it less effective.

3rd Generation Solar Panels –

Cadmium Telluride Solar Cell

This 3rd generation solar panel has a shorter energy payback time (less than a year). So, it will keep the carbon footprint as low as possible. But the only con that it carries is that it is toxic to ingest or inhale.

Concentrated PV Cell

The concentrated PV Cell can be one of the most efficient solar panels for commercial solar system installation. It has a high-efficiency rate of 41%.

But to be that efficient, the solar panel must face the sun at a perfect angle, and it requires a solar tracker for it. So, that will be an additional charge.


Finding the right solar panels for your commercial solar system installation establishment is vital. Take some time to find out why you are going for commercial solar system installation and then choose the best panel accordingly from the above list.

Trust Oneroof Solar For Your Solar Needs

In addition to choosing the best solar panel, your priority should also be to hire experienced solar installers – like Oneroof Solar – for installing the best commercial solar system in Alice Springs. We are your best choice for installing the perfect solar panels for your business.

Let your business shine better with Oneroof Solar Panels in Darwin. Give us a call today!

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