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“Solar panels stop working in winter”, “Solar panels won’t work in rains” or “Does the moon have the same effect on the solar panels”

The myths about solar panels are countless! While purchasing and installing a solar panel from the local solar company in Darwin, it can be really hard to ignore the myths.

There is too much false information on social panels disseminated on the web. We often hear of them in our social circles too. So, we thought it is high time to confront these myths head-on.

Here are the biggest solar panel myths, DEBUNKED!

# Myth 1 – Solar panels consume more energy than they produce


Solar panels produce far more electricity than they consume when being manufactured.

This myth is a huge one. It’s been hovering around for ages. The more it keeps circulating, the more and more false it is becoming.

The solar panels from the local solar company in Darwin are becoming more efficient day-by-day on production. Thanks to advances in technology and manufacturing processes!

As per a study, it took only about 1.7-2.3 years for the solar system to pay itself back in terms of carbon cost.

The study took into account things like- raw materials mining, production of solar panels, transport of the parts, and product use.

A quality solar system from the local solar company in Darwin lasts between 20-30 years. If we use the pay-back scale on the higher end of 2.3 years, the solar panels should pay back their energy costs almost 11 times over their lifetime period.

# Myth 2 – Solar panels can’t work in a cloudy climate


Solar panels produce energy even in cold weather or overcast days. Clouds don’t block out all sunlight. If they did, we would be shrouded in darkness every time the sun was blocked.

The solar panels may not efficiently produce electricity on cloudy days. But they won’t stop working.

# Myth 3 – Solar panel installation from the local solar company in Darwin will lower electricity bills


Well, the effect of the solar panels on the electricity bills will completely depend on how you use the solar energy.

If you are using solar power mostly during the day (for running washing machines, for instance) rather than in the evening, the electricity needs at night will automatically lower down. Hence, your electricity bills will also be reduced.

# Myth 4 – Installing solar panels will damage roofs


When a local solar company installs the solar panels correctly, there will be no damage to roofs. Any high-quality installer from Oneroof Solar will in fact flag existing damages in your roof.

# Myth 5- Solar panels demand a lot of maintenance and care


Solar panels are pretty much free of maintenance. All you need to do is dust every few months. But also regular maintenance is important.

The easiest way to maintain solar panels is to keep them clear of dirt or debris and remove all sources of shading.

# Myth 6 – Solar panels provide blackout power


If you are looking for backup power from solar panels, you can shop for power batteries from Oneroof Solar.

Turn up the solar power with Oneroof Solar

We have set the record straight on the solar panel myths. Now that you know the truth about solar panels and batteries, there is nothing that can prevent you from reaping the benefits of solar power anymore.

With mounting power bills all across Australia, there has never been a better time to go solar with the top-rated local solar company in Darwin – Oneroof Solar.
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