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Going solar has become immensely popular these days. But, that doesn’t mean we can deny days-long blackouts anymore. You may own the most expensive solar panels, but they can’t save you on a gloomy day. No tv shows, no washing machine running, no refrigerators, no phones, no PCs. 

So, just like solar panels, people are also investing in solar batteries to avoid such blackouts. Won’t you just love to totally cut off utility bills?! That’s what solar batteries are making possible. 

According to The Guardian, more than three million Australian small businesses and homeowners own solar energy  systems.

When you dive deeper into the facts, you’d be amazed at how convenient they are. Want to know how? We have got a whole list for you. Let’s find them in the following sections.

Reasons why it is wiser to install a solar battery along with your solar panels

#1. Attain secure energy

The moment you decide to install your solar energy system, you are already a little bit more secure. You have overcome relying on your local utility company. However, what about the days when your panels cannot produce as much energy?

Being a Darwin resident, you know that January through December is snow/rainy months. This means that your solar panels can’t save you as much since there wouldn’t be much sunlight. Not to mention the local utility blackouts too.

What do you think can save you through those days? Of course the batteries! Even on blackouts or gloomy days, you can still draw solar power from these batteries. Adding them is the most effective way to stay bright during power outage days. 

Pro Tip: If the temperature runs minus or below freezing, bury the batteries in a water-tight container. Make sure the temperature inside is below the frost line. 

Be it on cloudy days or whenever your solar panels are not generating much energy, you can keep the lights on with a solar battery installation Darwin

#2. Cut on your energy bills

The most remarkable advantage of installing a solar energy system alone is reducing energy bills. Buying the solar panels alone may have cost you a leg and an arm. Above that, you are probably spending some on your monthly utility bills. 

We have good news for you! You can cut off those monthly utility bills. All you need to do is add a battery to your solar energy system. You can now positively store that extra energy generated during the day and use it later. You don’t have to worry about spending dollars on those extra utility bills from the grid. 

Not just energy bills, solar batteries also help you reduce your carbon footprint on the plant.

#3. Get the most out of your investment

You are still connected to the grid when you install a basic solar energy system. When your solar panels do not produce much energy, you’d draw the power from the grid. Don’t you think it’s pretty inconvenient? Investing hundreds of dollars and still paying for the grid, like before..!

You can indeed receive a discount by selling the extra solar energy to the grid. But, why not keep that energy for yourself and cut your ties with the grid. Keeping the extra energy in the battery gives you more control over your energy from the solar panels. 

So, if you want to create no-grid residential solar energy systems, then start with Oneroof Solar in Darwin. We would be happy to help you go solar in no time.

#4. Everlasting 24/7 power backup

You may or may not have a solar system. But, still, you’re likely to be most dependent on the grid during the evening. So, it’s obvious that evenings are making your bills expensive. 

However, if you invest in a solar battery system, you don’t have to worry about that extra expense. Just let the extra energy from the day be stored in the solar battery. Now get ready to use that energy whenever you need it.

No more relying on the utility with a solar battery connection!

#5. Protect your wallet

Despite having solar panels, isn’t it overwhelming to deal with the never decreasing utility bills? We all know how the utility rates are increasing every year. Well, to keep your wallet intact, solar batteries are the only way. Leverage low-cost energy when your neighbours are still dependent on the local utility centre. 

The best part is it can create your little source of income. Want to know how? We’ve talked about selling back your extra energy from solar panels, right? Similarly, your utility company would also accept your energy stored in the solar battery.

So, the whole “THIS IS BUSINESS” thing goes on if you invest in a solar battery. Take the chance when they set the rates highest. Sell the extra energy stored in your solar battery and earn some cash. 

Different Kinds of Solar Batteries

Are you wondering, what types of solar batteries would be best for your solar system? We can break down different kinds of solar batteries available out there. Let’s look into them in the following:

  • Lead Acid Batteries: These batteries are known to be the cheapest option and reliable for energy storage.
  • Nickel Cadmium Batteries: These batteries are known for their durability, maintenance-free, and extreme weather resistance.
  • Lithium Ion Batteries: They are known for higher battery density- being able to store more energy in a small space. They can last up to 10 years.
  • Flow Batteries: These batteries are popular because of their 100% discharge depth(meaning you can use all of its energy without harming the battery’s health). 

Invest in the best in town

At Oneroof Solar, our responsibilities do not just end with you buying our products. We take the hands starting from investment to installation and maintenance. Know that your residential solar energy systems are in perfect hands when our Darwin solar installers take it. 

Contact us today for more details  !!

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