Portable Solar Panels Its Top Advantages And Disadvantages

Portable Solar Panels Its Top Advantages And Disadvantages

Installing solar panels from the local solar company in Darwin has become a common sight in Australia. More and more people are coming forth to reap the benefit of this green energy. But there’s one niche that was not filled for a long time. And that was the mobility of these solar panels.

Yes, portable solar panels are finally here! They assist us to harness solar energy with ease, anywhere and everywhere. Let’s know a little more about these solar panels, and their pros and cons.

What exactly are portable solar panels?

Portable solar panels are small-sized panels that can be carried anywhere. They convert sunlight into electricity just like a typical solar panel. Some portable panels are so small that they can be carried even inside a car.

Advantages Of Portable Solar Power

  1. These portable panels can come to use for different functions or activities. For instance, they work their best in both fixed positions and mobile use.
  2. Most portable solar panels that can be folded are water-resistant, not weatherproof. But waterproof portable panels are available on the market too. By buying such waterproof panels, you get to enjoy their complete benefits during heavy rains.
  3. Portable solar panels have a higher efficiency rating as compared to rooftop panels. That’s because they’re mostly monocrystalline panels.
    These panels have charge controllers which offer overcharge protection.

Disadvantages Of Portable Solar Panels

  1. As compared to rooftop panels, portable panels are less reliable. During adverse weather conditions, its productivity is usually less.
  2. Although solar energy is renowned as “clean energy”, it is not all clean. The problem arises in its manufacturing process. While manufacturing the panels, tons of toxic waste is produced which is very much harmful to the environment.
  3. Suitcase-style portable solar panels are bulky even when folded. Space will be an issue for such suitcase panels, especially in cities with little roofs.

Final Verdict

If you’ll be using the panels for hiking and camping activities, they’ll surely be a good investment. But if you’re looking to install panels for your home or business, we suggest going with rooftop panels.

For professional assistance in choosing solar panels, get in touch with us. We are your local professional solar installers who have been meeting solar demands of our clients in Darwin for years now. Connect with Oneroof Solar and we will help you to make the smartest decision based on your energy needs and requirements. Talk with solar experts today!

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