How to Choose the Best Solar Panel For Your Home

How to Choose the Best Solar Panel For Your Home?

It’s great that you have finally decided to go solar – and we guarantee that you will never regret it.

But as you don’t know much about solar panels, you might wonder what separates the best solar panels from the rest and how to identify the best one for your home.

Whether you want the traditional glass, aluminum solar panel, or foldable solar panel for camping – the options are endless. But there are certain factors that distinguish the best from the rest. Learn and remember the below-mentioned elements, and you’ll be able to easily spot the top solar panels in Darwin.

6 Factors To Consider When Buying Solar Panels For Home

1. Solar Panel Efficiency

Here, efficiency refers to the ratio of solar energy that goes through the panel’s surface to the electrical energy generated by the whole module.

Higher efficiency is translated to more electricity generation per square meter of the panel. Thus, a higher percentage means more power in less space. In the real world, most solar panels have an efficiency rate of 15% to around 21%.

Keep these figures in mind while buying your next solar panel system. The best solar panels will have something more than a 21% efficiency rate.

2. Solar Panel Price

While most of us will want to buy the cheapest solar panel system available on the market, these short-term savings can cost you more in the long term.

Instead, calculate it based on how many watts of power you’ll be getting per dollar of the module.

Generally, good-quality solar panels are priced at $1.60 per watt — anything cheaper might be made of low-quality material.

3. Module Quality

Determining the actual quality of the solar power system, inverters, and installation company from a simple quote.

One great thing you can do to get the best one is to check online reviews of the top solar panels. Consider your location and weather to know how it works in different settings. Research the module’s efficiency and durability before you finalize anything.

Our experts mostly recommend monocrystalline panels as they have the highest efficiency and most extended durability compared to the other types of solar panels.

4. Warranty

To all the diligent Aussies, make sure you only buy solar panel systems that complaints with Australian standards. Additionally, keep an eye on your provider’s history and experience so that they can be fixed as seamlessly as possible in case of any issues. Ideally, you want to choose a company that can provide you with on-site repairs.

Insist that your company provides at least a 10-year coverage without any additional cost agreements. For example, some companies require you to clean your panels once a year (for $300 ) just to keep the warranty.

5. Panel Features and Specifications

Particulars such as power tolerance, voltage rating, and temperature rating also play a significant role in efficient electricity generation.

Generally, the best solar panels are rated 100V DC minimum to ensure safety. If you live in hot climatic conditions, look for panels with a good temperature coefficient rating.

6. Appearance

Even though most people will look at the utilitarian aspects of the panels, Oneroof Solar can also provide you with something more stylish and sleek solar roof tiles and flexible panels that will complement your uniquely-shaped roof. They might be a bit pricey, but your home will look more aesthetic.

Buy From The Best!

If you are looking for the best solar panels in Darwin, ring Oneroof Solar. Our experts will provide you with the finest solar system installation services in Australia along with warranty extended upto 5-years. Connect and talk to experts today.

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