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Going Solar? First Check Out These Advantages And Disadvantages Of Solar Panels

When we discuss renewable energy, it is impossible to leave out the most abundant source available to us: “the sun”. The amount of solar power produced in just a single hour can power a year’s supply of electricity for the entire world!

Residential solar installation Darwin can also help bridge the fossil fuel gap. With such an infinite and green power appeal, there is no doubt governments are adapting our global power supply to solar panels

But not all is sunshine and rainbows about solar power. Apart from the many benefits of solar panels, solar energy also has some downsides that we must consider. 

Here, we have outlined the key advantages and disadvantages of solar power. Check them out!

Pros And Cons Of Solar Panels

Reduces Electricity Bills Weather Dependent
Renewable Energy Source High-Cost
Low Maintenance Costs It Is Not Totally Green
Technological Development Occupies Lot Of Space

Advantages Of Solar Panel

Reduces Electricity Bills

One of the most significant benefits that solar panels present to you right away is a lower utility bill. Your energy needs will be met by the new solar system. This will drop your dependency on the local power utility supply. 

In fact, you may even receive credits for the surplus energy that the solar system produces. This will offset your power bill even more. 

Renewable Energy Source

Solar panels are powered by sunlight. By using them for your home, you are greatly reducing the emissions you put out into the environment. 

Also, solar power is not generally associated with pollution. So, that keeps control of your carbon footprint too! 

Low Maintenance Costs

Solar power systems usually don’t require a lot of effort in maintenance. You only need to keep the solar panels and the components clean. So, dusting them a couple of times per year is enough.

Also, solar systems come with at least a 20-25 years warranty. As there are no moving components, there is usually no wear and tear. 

So, after covering the initial cost of the solar system installation, you can expect very little spending on maintenance work.

Technological Development

The solar energy industry is constantly evolving. Improvements will intensify the efficiency of solar panels more in the future. Innovations in quantum physics and nanotechnology can double or even triple the power output of solar power systems. 

Disadvantages Of Solar Panel

Weather Dependent

No doubt, solar energy can be collected on cloudy and rainy days. But the efficiency of the solar power system drops at such times.

Solar panels are dependent on sunlight to efficiently collect solar energy. A few cloudy or rainy days can have a significant impact on the energy system. Also, solar energy cannot be generated during the night. 


The initial cost of installing a solar system is very high. This includes paying for the solar panels, batteries, inverters, wiring, and installation. 

It Is Not Totally Green

Pollution related to solar energy is far less compared to other sources of energy. But solar power is not 100% clean. 

Transportation and installation of solar panels have been associated with the emission of greenhouse gas. There are also some toxic materials used during the manufacturing process of solar PV systems. 

Occupies Lot Of Space

The more power you want to produce, the more solar panels you will need. The panels occupy a lot of space. And often some roofs are not big enough to fit the number of panels that you would like to have. 

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There’s a reason why the solar power system is becoming more and more popular. Its environmental and financial benefits can successfully outweigh the cons of solar panels. 

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