Folding Solar Panels

Folding Solar Panels vs Solar Blankets: Which One Is Better?

What could be a better way to blow off your work stress and relax than a weekend camping trip?

As you start planning your camping trip, the first thing you would probably do is compile the list of required items. And one of the most important ones on that list would be –backup power.

Generally, people use a portable inverter generator to meet their electricity demands. But there’s another convenient and environment-friendly option that can power up your camping adventures way easily– Solar Panels.

While many of us know about solar panels, these eco-friendly power generators also come in a portable version, i.e. folding solar panels.

As many Aussies might be unaware of these handy options, experts of the best solar company in Darwin have given some insights on how going solar on your next camping adventure is one of the most viable options – along with a list of the best solar panels.

Why Does Using Solar Panels For Camping Make More Sense?

Even though most of us know about the benefits of solar panels, here are some reasons they can be an excellent choice for camping too.

  • No Noises: Unlike generators, they will emit no noise. Thus neither you nor your fellow campers will get disturbed.
  • Portable: They are easy to store and carry anywhere.
  • Easy To Maintain: Just wipe them clean, and they are good to go.
  • Versatile: Along with charging your camping appliances, they can juice up your car battery too
  • Long-Lasting: Camping solar panels last for decades and are known to work up to 85% efficiency.

As it’s evident, going solar is more beneficial for a camping adventure. Now let’s see which type of solar panel is best for you.

Folding Solar Panels

These portable solar panels come in a suitcase design and are very easy to set up at any place. As the name indicates, you can just fold and take them wherever you want.

You can seamlessly adjust and move them anywhere to maximize sunlight exposure. Cheaper than solar blankets, these are a great option for people who want an easy-to-setup solar system within their budget.

Solar Blanket

If you want to wrap up and carry the solar power in your backpack, then solar blankets are for you. These blankets are extremely lightweight and can hold on their own to provide maximum power output.

Their matte surface is relatively easy to clean and can produce the same amount of electricity as a folding solar panel while requiring less space. Just unfold, plug, play, and your appliances will also start working in the woods.

However, the added convenience is a bit costlier. The solar blankets have higher costs than your average folding solar panels.

So, Which One is Best For You? Folding Solar Panel or a Solar Blanket?

When it comes to benefits, both folding solar panels and solar blankets are pretty much the same. However, you can choose one over the other depending on how much you love camping.

For example,
People who go camping once every 2 to 3 months and want a budget-friendly solar power option, buying foldable solar panels is a wiser option.

On the other hand, people who love camping and go out to the woods every consecutive weekend would be better off buying lightweight and convenient solar blankets.

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For all Aussies, Oneroof Solar can give that guarantee. We are one of the best solar system providers in Darwin and all over Australia. Just give us a call, and you can enjoy your next camping trip with some eco-friendly power at your bay.

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