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Residential Solar Panel Installation in Darwin, Au

Solar Energy is a natural, clean eco-friendly source of Energy, it’s a never-ending source of energy that can be accessed from anywhere in the world where the sun shines.

Cleaner and Cost-effective Source of Energy 

Solar energy is much better than conventional power sources, it is cost-effective, secure, and easy to maintain. The cost involved is one one-time investment but it cuts down your electricity bill. You can install it easily and the repair can be done very easily in case of any damage.

Calculate your power consumption 

Make a note of the number of units consumed by you in the past 12 months, add it up and divide it by 12 you will get your average power consumption. You can talk to the installer about the average usage of power for a month. Your installer will suggest the type of panel that will meet your needs. 

Check the cost of installation 

Check the total cost of installation, and be informed about the warranty covered by your installer. Once you have all the facts in place, you can smoothly transition to your solar energy.

Check for Authorization in your Area 

Residents of Darwin and those in the surrounding 100 Km radius need to obtain a building permit for solar PV frames and panels. For Solar panel installation in Darwin, you need to check for Northern Territory Criteria for connecting through NT Power and Water. These are assessed on an individual basis and insured as per the size of the panel.

Call for site inspection

Oneroof Solar sent our experts to have a look at the site and see if there is proper sunlight in the area, you plan to install the panel. check for the suitability of the site that can be used for installation. look for a suitable height and plain terrain.

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Installation of Panel in Darwin, AU

After the authorization is done by NT authorities, the panel and converter can be installed. The size of the panel is decided based on your requirements. 

Inspection by Our Installation Expert

Before you start accessing your solar energy, your installer will inspect, to check if everything is installed properly and good to go. Consider the following before you finalize your installation.

  •  Look for different options and choose the one that suits you
  • Make a checklist of all the components needed to be purchased
  • Make proper calculations of the usage per day, calculate the units required, and finalize it with your installer.
  • Take expert help in deciding the purchase of components 
  • Do not go for overpriced systems or settle down for something cheap, look for high-quality components that are reasonably priced.

If you are considering the installation of solar panels on your residential or commercial property, get in touch with Oneroof Solar, for expert guidance and a complete installation process in Darwin. You can call us at (08) 8943 0653, our experts will be glad to help you with the complete setup of your solar panel.

Installing Solar Inverter for Your Home 

There are a few things you can consider to make sure the installation is done correctly, here are some tips to help you with your solar inverter installation.

Decide on the right location 

Consider the length of wiring that may be required. And your safety. Keep it safe from the natural elements. Your inverter should not be exposed to harsh weather conditions, Such as direct sunlight, rain, or snow.

Find a stable place for the inverter, it should not be kept in a tilted position. Place it where you can easily shut off the power supply, and ensure it is mounted on a solid wall and is out of reach from children. 

Take care of the wiring 

When you are stringing your solar panels, remember to keep the voltage within the range of the inverter.

Maintain your Inverter 

Handle the battery with care, and keep it properly ventilated. Avoid higher inputs than what the battery can take, the input of voltage from the solar panels must not exceed the recommended DC voltage. Avoid direct AC outputs to prevent damage.

Take expert help to ensure your solar inverter is installed correctly, and maintained it well, proper installation and maintenance will make it last long and run smoothly. 

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If you are planning for an installation of a solar inverter in Darwin, get in touch with Oneroof Solar, a company that will give you a complete solar installation service, our licensed technicians will install solar panels and inverters in one go.

We will help you install your solar inverter, by considering every little aspect that matters. For reliable and affordable installation of your solar inverter, get in touch with us at, (08) 8943 0653.

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