Hassle-free Energy Efficient Solar Energy Installation Service at Affordable Prices Save Money, Save the Planet

Hassle-free Energy Efficient Solar Energy Installation Service at Affordable Prices: Save Money, Save the Planet

The people of Australia have now awakened to embrace greener and renewable energy sources. Every day, solar energy installation demand is growing faster than ever. Solar systems for home electricity reduce pollution and save your hard-earned money by cutting down your energy bills.

In recent times, Oneroof Solar has proven itself as one of the best solar system installers in Darwin. With our unmatched quality and service records, now it is your time to embrace green energy at affordable costs.

Solar Energy vs. Other Green Energy

The closest competitor to solar energy is wind energy. But the cost of windmill installations is staggering. Furthermore, windmills completely depend on wind speed, climate, and weather.

If the winds don’t flow fast enough, the windmills become ineffective. The yield of energy generation from windmills and other green sources is way too low compared to solar energy installations.

Why Should You Choose Solar?

For those who still have second thoughts about solar energy installations, let us share some points:

Energy Efficiency

Solar energy installations provide a higher yield than any other green energy source. Solar systems require very low maintenance too.

By deploying a few high-end solar panels, you can easily generate enough electricity for your household.

Not Depended on Weather

If you think the weather is cloudy and your solar systems won’t generate enough power, you are wrong. The modern solar panels are laced with Photovoltaic Cells. This way, they do not depend on solar heat anymore. Therefore, your solar systems will generate enough power to run your house smoothly even in low light conditions.

Longevity of Solar Panels

Once installed, the solar panels can remain serviceable for a lifetime. At Oneroof Solar, we use the latest panels from the best solar panel company to ensure their serviceability for at least 25 to 30 years.

Low-Cost Energy Solutions

In Australia, the average cost of solar energy installations is around $12,000. You can avail a government subsidy up to $6,000 depending on your requirements and which state you live in.

And for the rest, $6,000, you can get a low-interest bank loan.

Save Huge On Your Energy Bills

On average, an Australian household spends around 18kWh of electricity daily. Therefore, if you add up your quarterly or monthly electricity bills, that might reach $ 3000.

If you choose complete independence from electricity bills, you can install a solar system for home electricity and save $3,000 yearly.

Faster Return of Investment

Oneroof Solar offers a wide range of solar energy installation solutions. We have perfect solutions for both your residential and commercial properties. With a faster return on investments, your solar systems will become free electric generators within a few years.

For instance: suppose you install a 15kWh solar system from a local solar company in Darwin, like Oneroof Solar, depending on your energy demands, bank loan, and amount of subsidy you have received from the government. In that case, the whole system will become free of cost between 4.8 and 6.7 years.

After that, every single watt of energy will be free of cost. And the minimum service life of a solar system is 25 years. So, you do the math on your savings.

Final Thoughts

As the climate of Australia is generally very warm throughout the year, and we receive a lot of solar energy, we can become completely energy independent. We can replace coal and natural gas-fuelled power stations with green solar energy installations. It will reduce carbon footprints and help fight against climate change so that we can keep our planet sustainable for longer.

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