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The Optimal Angle of Installing Solar Panels in Australia

Are you planning to install solar panels from the best solar system installer in Darwin? If yes, you’ve made a smart decision!
But wait, there is a point that you might be overlooking. Did you determine at what angle to mount the solar panels?
If not, you must know it right away – and we will tell you why!

Why Does the Direction of Solar Panels Matter?

The Sun changes its direction throughout the day. But to yield maximum energy the sun rays must fall perpendicular on panel panels If you install the home solar panels at the wrong angle, it means less sunlight, which will automatically reduce the solar panel efficiency by 20%.

So, it is very essential that you choose the optimal tilt angle for the solar panels. The orientation angle of the panels will also affect their performance.

What is The Ideal Angle for Solar Panel Installation in Darwin Australia?

As we have seen, the tilt angle and orientation affect the solar panel efficiency. So, we must weigh both factors.
Tilt angle

The optimal tilt angle of the solar panels will be the angle from the horizontal surface of the earth. If the roof’s tilt angle is between 10 ° to 15° of the latitude angles, the solar panel will lose 1 to 1.5% of its energy output.

The tilt angle is usually the same as that of latitude and the location of the property. However, for most Australian cities, it is 3° less than the latitude angle.

The latitude of Darwin, Australia is 12°. So, by keeping the optimal tilt angle at 18°, one can increase the solar panel efficiency by 0.45%.
Azimuth or orientation angle

Orientation or “Azimuth” angle is the angle in which the solar panels face due to location. This angle decides how much sunshine the panels will see through the day.
Australia is in the Southern Hemisphere – implying it experiences the Sun mostly from the North direction. Hence, solar panels will be more efficient when installed on a North facing roof.

In Australia, east or west-facing panels produce less energy compared to north-facing solar panels.
Check out the solar panel efficiency in Darwin from all directions –

North – 100%
South – 82%
East – 94%
West – 92%

Does the Optimal Angle Of Solar Panels Differ During the Winter Months?

The Sun remains at its highest point in summers and lowest in the winter season. So, the optimum angle of the panels may differ in summer and winter. Best solar system installer in Darwin, like OneRoof Solar, will help adjust the angle of the panels, for all 4 seasons.

If you want to know how to match the perfect optimum angle for all seasons, we will reveal it to you.

For winter months, all you need to do is multiply the latitude angle by 0.9 and then subtract it by 23.5 °. But for spring and autumn, subtract 2.5° from the latitude angle.

Install Oneroof Solar Panels in Darwin

Oneroof Solar homes are some of the best panel installers who can help adjust your solar panels at a perfect angle to yield maximum energy output. So, this summer, let’s go solar with Oneroof Solar panels in Darwin.

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