Quintessential Guide To Solar Panels For First-Time Buyers

Quintessential Guide To Solar Panels For First-Time Buyers

Are you thinking about getting solar panels from a local solar company in Darwin but clueless about where to start? With so many solar panel installers and a wide range of panel availability, installing a solar panel system can indeed be a daunting task, especially if it’s your first time.

But this blog can make your solar panel buying journey effortless. We call it the “Solar Buying Guide 101”. Read below to know it!

Beginner’s Guide To Buy Solar Panels

Panels And Products

When purchasing a solar energy system, there are 4 elements to focus on which are:


Generally, two types of solar panels are installed on the roof – monocrystalline and polycrystalline. It doesn’t matter much which type you get. Only focus on getting a product that will last for at least 25 years.


There are two types of solar inverters:

String inverter – sits on the wall, and all your solar panels connect to it
Microinverter – sits on the back of each solar panel

Go for a microinverter if one or more panels are partially shaded. And choose string inverters for roof areas in full sunlight most of the day.


Most inverters have a monitoring option. Ask your solar panel installer to connect this up whilst installing the system.


Finally, you’ve to make sure the solar panels are securely attached to the roof. That’s where mounting comes in. There are tons of mounting brands out there. Make sure you go for a brand that is wind certified and comes with a minimal 10-year warranty.

Panel Layout


Solar panels facing north receive the most sunlight throughout the day. Therefore, it can produce maximal electricity. That said, don’t fret if it’s not possible to put north-facing panels on your roof. You still get a fair benefit from east/west facing panels.


The ideal angle for solar panels is simply whatever angle your roof sits at. It just should be steep enough to allow the panels to remain clean.


To get efficient electricity, solar panels need to be in full sun for most of the day. The tiniest shadow cast on your panels could compromise the output of the entire system.


Solar panels should come up with a warranty of at least 25 years. Make sure you find a panel that offers a warranty for that amount of time.

Hire The Best Solar Power System Installers

To buy solar panels for your home or business, select a solar supplier with a Clean Energy Council (CEC) accreditation. If you wish to qualify for the solar credits rebate system, your system must be installed by a CEC accredited company.

At Oneroof Solar, we’ve all accredited installers that can maximize your return on solar investment.

Questions To Ask

Going solar is a big investment, and you have the right to know all facts. So, ask the best solar system installer in Darwin any questions you have. Some questions that you must ask the installation company are –

  1. Can I see your CEC accreditation number?
  2. How many solar energy systems have you installed till now?
  3. Do you have testimonials or client feedback?
  4. Does your company offer a performance guarantee?
  5. Are your solar panels as per Australian standards?

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From experienced installers to top-quality panels, inverters, and batteries – we’ve got it all. Our team will assist you throughout the process to make the solar panel installation project an easy ride.

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