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From buying electric cars to installing solar panels at home, every day, more and more Aussies are moving towards renewable energy consumption.

In Australia, where sunlight is ample, only a fool wouldn’t take advantage of this infinite source of free energy available to them readily!

No doubt to say, solar panels are one of the most reliable and affordable sources of energy!

Whether you are getting the hang of the new electric supply at your home or considering installing a new solar panel, Oneroof Solar panel has a lot to offer. Check out how the experts of the best solar system installer in Darwin advise getting the most out of your solar panels.

Tips To Get The Best Of Your Solar Energy System

Track Your Power Consumption

To manage your electricity bills efficiently, the first step is to know how much power you’re using and where you are using it. Nowadays, there are lots of apps available on smartphones to track your power consumption by each appliance and present you with detailed reports. Some of them can also monitor the amount of energy your solar panel produce for better tracking and planning.

Having all this information handy will aid you in understanding where the energy is majorly consumed and where it’s wasted. With the help of this data, you can change the appliances that are consuming too much power.

Rake it when the sun is shining

All of us know that solar panel produces energy during the day. So it’s recommended that you use most of it during the daytime. That’s because it’s possible that your battery may not have enough capacity to run heavy load appliances during the night for a prolonged time.

But by installing Oneroof Solar System at home, you can use solar energy anytime during the day or night – without any difficulty of running out of capacity.

Keep Your Solar Panels Clean

Solar panels are usually exposed to dust, dirt, debris, bird dropping, mould, etc. This can cause shading and reduce the amount of sunlight they would receive, reducing their energy production and efficiency.

Although, this doesn’t mean you have to climb your roof every weekend and clean them. Cleaning once every 3-4 months is optimal and make sure you get your panels inspected every year by a professional residential solar panel company.

Consume Energy Sensibly

The last and the best tip to get the most out of your solar panel is to consume electricity wisely. If you use more energy than what your solar panel produce, you would have to rely on your local grid power, resulting in higher electricity bills.

Your Takeaway!

Going solar will help save Mother Earth and also save you from high electricity bills. So, there’s no reason why not to install solar panels today( if you don’t have them already)

Aussies looking to install reliable, high-quality solar panels on their roof can contact Oneroof Solar. We are renowned as the Best Solar System Installer in Darwin and neighbouring cities.

Connect with our solar experts and know more about our solar panels.

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