Solar PPA

Most Australians who desire to go solar understand the benefits of  PPA. With such an amazing financing option with no upfront cost – who wouldn’t want to take advantage of it?

But many people still hold a lot of doubts and questions in this regard. For instance, do they consider solar panel maintenance? What does Solar PPA cost in Darwin? And more…

To make it easier, `we have prepared a comprehensive write-up to help you understand the concept of PPA better,

What is Solar PPA?

Solar Power Purchase Agreement or PPA is a financial agreement between a developer and a customer. Let’s say, you are buying solar panels from Oneroof Solar, then we are your developer, and obviously, you are our customer.

In Solar PPA, the developer takes care of the total financing, designing, permission and installation of solar panels at the customers’ property.

How does the PPA work?

As you sign up for the PPA with your solar developer, you become the host customer. Signing means you are agreeing with the solar PPA contracts – which last from 5 to 25 years. 

As expert solar system installers in Darwin, we take care of the complete solar installation at your property. And our professionals are always ready to assist wherever you need them.

The best part of all this – is that the cost is much lower than the local utility rate of Darwin. 

In case you are wondering about the maintenance cost, the good news is – our solar contract covers all the costs including solar panel maintenance, replacement, and repairs too until our contract ends. 

The perks of switching to Solar PPA

Here are some of the pros that call you to switch to a Solar Power Purchase Agreement today:

Less to no upfront costs

With the Solar PPA agreement, your solar developer takes up the responsibility to manage the upfront cost. All other aspects like acquiring, sizing, and installing the solar system are also covered under the solar panel installation cost.

Lesser utility rates

With Solar, PPA homeowners benefit from a fixed electricity rate from their developer. With this, homeowners can predict their monthly electricity cost, which helps them budget better!

you get control over your utility bills.

No maintenance or repair cost

Under PPA, your solar developer takes care of the maintenance and repairs cost.

Added property value

Solar PPA contracts are long-term, which means the contract can be transferred. Hence, you can boost your property value using solar PPA. 

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