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So, the saying goes- “Solar panels are bad for winters”. But, let us tell you that this is all a myth. All these sayings are not true, because it all depends on where you live.

In fact, it works better in winter compared to summer in some areas. For example, Solar efficiency in Darwin adds up when the sky is clear and cold. But, it happens otherwise when it’s rather stormy and cloudy.

Even in minus freezing temperatures, your solar can convert sunlight into energy. So, do not worry about solar panel performance during winter when you are investing in one. If you are curious about how we’ve collected some convincing points read along.

So, how do solar panels work well even in cold weather?

They work by activating lights!

Solar panels revise the light particles, called photons to remove electrons from atoms. That’s how your electricity is generated, and the process is called electron “exciting”. 

When your panels get too hot, many electrons get “excited”. This decreases the overall voltage of your solar panels. On the other hand, in winter, the temperature is not so hot. As a result, the electrons do not get over-excited. 

So, cold temperatures have nothing to do with low-performing solar panels. Our solar panels rely on the sunlight rather than the heat. Darwin winters can give the required amount of sun’s UV light to your solar panels

Well guess what?! there’s more to it! Darwin follows mild winter weather. This means if you’re in Darwin you are way ahead in winter without snowfalls. This means you are safe from the snow-clearing headache from the panels.

But, what about cloudy days?

Speaking the truth, shorter days and cloud cover really affect solar power production in winter. Additionally, the sun sets three degrees in winter, so your panels are getting less quality light. That’s why the location you install is vital.

We know very well about our Darwin climate. As such we can optimize your panels’ angle, keeping in mind the reduced sunlight hours that Darwin gets. 

Can solar batteries help?

Absolutely! Sometimes, Darwin is covered with heavy clouds for days and weeks. This means you are left with little to no sunlight. Here, we have the perfect solution for you- solar batteries

Yes, a solar battery installation Darwin can get you covered during those dull cloudy days. Any excess power generated during sunny or summer days can be stored in our solar battery. 

Create your self-sufficient ecosystem of electricity with entirely independent grid power from Oneroof Solar.  The best news is, like many Australian homeowners, you can also opt for feed-in tariffs. Sell that extra generated power to your Darwin power company. 

Another fact; solar batteries do not just store solar energy for cloudy days. You are also keeping it as a backup for any emergency blackouts in Darwin. Blackouts often happen during storms. 

Get a correct solar power setup with Oneroof Solar

We make your solar panels set up easier. Our professionals are skilled and trained to install it in a winter-prone location. So, you can be sure to avoid any low voltage or blackouts in case of gloomy winter days. 

Ensure a 24/7 lit home 365 days a year with panels and batteries from Oneroof Solar.

Contact us today for more details!

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