Are High Solar Panel Prices Investment Worthy Let’s Figure it Out!!

Are High Solar Panel Prices Investment Worthy? Let’s Figure it Out!!

Solar panel prices seem to be considerably higher and as such you want to check if it’s worth the investment. But costs vary greatly based on the system’s size and quality and the provider you choose.

You can expect to pay below $8,000 to install a 6.6kWh solar panel system in Darwin. The best solar system installer in Darwin is assured to give you the best deal. You can find a wide range of deals in Oneroof Solar. Now let us help you learn what includes in the solar panel prices and decide if it’s worth the investment.

What is the average cost to install solar panels in Darwin?

The Solar Choice Price Index has been tracking the average cost to install solar panels for over ten years. These data are based on information from 200+ solar installers within our network who update their prices, products, and warranties for our solar quotation comparison service regularly.

After the Superior Training Centre refund, a 6.6kW solar panel for home cost is likely to be around $8,900 on an average, according to our April 2022 statistics.

Is switching to solar power worth it?

There are just two electrical firms in the northern territory of Australia, and their price is controlled by the government. The Solar Choice Payback Calculator runs various situations on system sizes and energy usage using this year’s numbers for power prices and feed-in tariffs.

Please remember that the payback calculator is mainly reliant on the self-consumption rate. This calculates how often solar energy will be utilized directly within your home or supplied to the grid for a feed-in tariff.

If you utilize most of your power during the day, you may achieve higher outcomes. However, if you spend most of your time at work and just use power in the morning and evening, your results will be lower.

Does the solar battery storage system cost justifiable in Darwin?

Let’s be straight!! Solar batteries have a poorer return on investment than solar panels installation cost in Darwin, for sure. The solar battery storage system cost is the key barrier preventing their comeback. They haven’t dropped in price as much as many predicted, and a household battery still costs around $1,000 per kWh.

At Oneroof Solar, your local solar company in Darwin keep a careful eye on these prices. We conclude that batteries aren’t nearly cost-effective just yet.

What is the solar rebate in darwin?
Small-scale technology certificates are an upfront incentive offered by the federal rebate program for solar energy projects under 100kW in size (STCs). In short, this refund will reduce your expense of solar panel prices by around 30% to 35%. We assert the rebate on your behalf, and you are only responsible for the difference.

The rebate value is set by your geographic location and your solar panel’s capacity. For example, a typical 6.6kW solar system in Darwin would yield 91 certificates, resulting in a rebate of $3,376.10 at today’s price of $37.1 per certificate.

Local Solar Company in Darwin

At Oneroof Solar, with our online presence, you can check for a wide range of solar products and services. We thrive to become the best solar system installer in Darwin and our crew makes sure to offer you top-notch maintenance service.

You can be sure to get reasonable solar panel prices across Darwin. And if you’re still not sure, then remember that we offer excellent warranty periods. Call us to book your solar panels!

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