Why Should you Switch to Solar Power Now

Why Should You Switch To Solar Power Now?

There has been a lot that has been grabbing the attention of Australians since 2020. With bushfires, floods, COVID-19, and surging electricity prices due to the Russia-Ukraine conflict, there hasn’t been much of a break. However, amongst all these bad events, the solar panel system has become an even better investment than ever.

So, if you can afford it, now is the best time to invest in the best solar system installer in Darwin. Here we have more reasons to support our verdict.

Valid Reasons To Switch To Solar Panel System Today

1. Soaring Electricity Prices

Each day you put off installing residential solar panels is another day you feed more money to the electricity bills. And let’s accept it – their bills are far much higher than we consume. So, if you’re looking to put an end to this misery of overpaying for power supply, contact a local solar company in Darwin today.

2. Generous Subsidies Are Available On Solar Panel System

Despite all the rising prices, there are heaps of generous subsidies available for the best solar panels. The Government of Australia is extending these subsidies to all homeowners and business owners. This federal subsidy isn’t set to decrease for another 6 months. Hence, get on it today and reap the beneficent rewards.

3. Term Deposit Rates Are Degrading

For the last 4 months, interest rates all across Australia have been surprisingly low. This implies your money won’t bring you anything by sitting in a long-term savings account. But investing in a solar panel system can bring you strong savings.

Let us suppose – you put $6, 000 into a high-interest savings account now. You could have a maximum interest of 2%. With that, your $6,000 will become $6,732 by the end of the year. On the other hand, if you invest $6,000 in a solar panel system you can save at least $2,130 in Darwin.

4. Superannuation Funds Are Under Pressure

Superannuation accounts are tied to the strength of the economy. With the falling Australian economy, superannuation funds are also dropping. It will recover one day but there is no surety or valid estimation about it.

In contrast, you can get more instantaneous money by investing in a solar panel system. The returns on residential solar power systems are tied to the strength of the sun. With ever-soaring electricity bills, you can get some great savings with solar panels sooner.

5. Currency Exchange Rates Are Low

The Australian dollar is not stacking up strong at the moment against the U.S. dollar. As most of the world’s solar components are in China, purchasing these panels is going to be more expensive with Australian dollars. However, the panels that are already in the country were imported under a previous, higher-exchange rate.

This means it is better to buy solar panels now when they are cheaper.

6. Supports Local Unemployed Youths

With the recent economic downturns, the unemployment rate in Australia is at an all-time low. If you switch to solar power today, you will be assisting local solar businesses. Your installation and kind recommendations can go a long way in re-establishing them in these hard times. Take advantage of the amazing solar panel system installation offers and provide them with much-needed support.

Be Wise, Go Solar NOW!

As you’ve seen, now is one of the best times to invest in solar from Oneroof Solar. What’s more – we have great offers running on our solar panels, inverters, and batteries. Reach out to our solar installation team today and start saving NOW!

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