Solar Power System

Energy storage has become a master player in the future of renewable energy. Despite its trending popularity, many people still don’t understand this concept. 

If you are also clueless about this subject, stay connected till the end. Here, we will dive into the topic of solar and backup power installation. And why the solar panel installation Darwin companies are extra-emphasizing on it.

Energy Storage In Solar And Backup Power Installation

83% of human beings have acknowledged and harnessed the benefits of solar installation. Solar power is clean, affordable, and renewable. It pretty much cuts the triple threat of renewable energy. However, not all is bright in the solar power system. 

Solar production can become limited at times. Most often, when power is most expensive. 

People think that solar panels alone can keep lights on during power outages. But that is not the case. This is how a regular grid-tied solar system works –

  • Solar panels produce the most energy in the middle of the day. This also happens to be the time when homes utilize the least amount of energy.
  • The excess energy gets fed back into the solar grid. 

Thankfully, energy storage can bypass this limitation. They can store the excess power generated during the day in a “solar battery”. 

So, combine your solar and backup power installation with battery storage. The excess electricity that your panel will produce will go into the battery. You can draw the solar panel production later when your panels aren’t producing electricity. 

Why Should You Future Proof  Your Solar Power System?

There are several compelling reasons to switch to energy storage with solar panels. Check below –

It boosts resiliency 

In recent years, we have seen power outages in Australia increase manifold. Extreme weather events are also becoming more frequent. Hence, it is reasonable to expect that such outages will become more common in the future.

With solar and backup power installation, you can get power for hours or even days. They can efficiently function even in the event of grid shutdowns. Thus, energy storage can keep power running even in the most difficult times.

It saves money

Another compelling reason to opt for energy storage is that it saves you money. Power utility companies usually charge a premium price for energy consumed from the grid. During peak demands, these charges can truly escalate. 

But with solar batteries, you can avoid tapping into energy from the grid system during peak demands.  The battery stores excess electricity generated by your panels.

It assures the future

Perhaps you are not facing the above concerns today. But will things remain the same tomorrow? 

Certainly not! The future is always uncertain. And with the rising impacts of climate change, predictability has become more precarious than ever. 

Right now, many incentives make solar system future-proofing more accessible. As you can see with other renewable technologies, incentives don’t last forever. So NOW is to take advantage of future-proofing solar and backup power installation.

Store Energy For The Future With Oneroof Solar

At Oneroof Solar, our in-house team of solar installers Darwin can customize solar storage systems. We can also help you add energy storage to an existing solar system. Connect with us to view our previous solar and backup power installation projects. If convinced, get a free price estimate and get started with the work!

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