Solar Panel Installation

Guide for Solar Panel Installation in 2023

Solar energy is a never-ending source of energy, it can be used in any corner of the world, where the sun shines! Solar power is much better than conventional power sources, it is more secure and easy to maintain and repair. Solar Panel Installation darwin is a one-time investment and cuts down the cost of your electricity bill. Solar installers will help you set up the solar panel. There are a few steps you need to follow, to ensure the installation is done and your solar panel is up and running. 

Solar Panel Installation

Check your consumption profile 

Take note of your monthly electricity bill, add up the bills for the past year, and divide it by 12, you will get the average of your electricity bill. By doing so you can get your average usage of power for the month, then discuss the same with the installer, and get the type of panel suitable for your needs.

Consider the cost 

Calculate the total cost of installation, know about the warranty given by the solar panel installers and the cost of maintenance, and discuss these charges with your installer to make a smooth transition from your conventional electric source to solar energy.

Check for Authorization 

For Solar panel installation in Darwin, you need to check for Northern Territory Criteria for connecting through NT Power and Water. Residents of Darwin and those in the surrounding 100 Km radius need to obtain a building permit for solar PV frames and panels. These are assessed on an individual basis and insured as per the size of the panel.

Get the site inspected

We send our experts to have a look at the site and see if there is proper sunlight, in the area you plan to install the panel. We check for the suitability of the site that can be used for installation. We look for a suitable height and plain terrain.

Installation of panel

After the authorization is done by NT authorities, installation of the panel and the converter can be done. The size of the panel is determined based on your requirement. First, the brackets are fixed, the panels are attached, then the cables are connected to the converter, and the distribution board is set up.

Inspection by the installer

Before you start using your photovoltaic solar energy, your installer will inspect to check if everything is installed properly and good to go. Then a meter is installed to check how much power is utilized per day, this information is further shared with the utility. 

Consider the following before you finalize your installation.

  •  Look for different options and choose the one that suits you
  • Make a checklist of all the components needed to be purchased
  • Make proper calculations of the usage per day, calculate the units required, and finalize it with your installer.
  • Take expert help in deciding the purchase of components 
  • Do not go for overpriced systems or settle down for something cheap, look for high-quality components that are reasonably priced.

Solar Panel Installation


If you are considering the installation of solar panels on your residential or commercial property, get in touch with Oneroof Solar, for expert guidance and a complete installation process in Darwin. You can call us at (08) 8943 0653, our experts will be glad to help you with the complete setup of your solar panel.

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