Best solar system installer in Darwin

Shopping for the best solar system installer in Darwin?

Then, you must have some questions for the solar installers Darwin!

But is it really that necessary? Hear our verdict!

Should you interview your potential solar installers near me?

Unless you’re choosing your friend’s new solar company, you should ask certain questions to the installer company. 

We cannot overstate the importance of doing some homework on the best solar system installer in Alice Springs.

Going solar installation for your home is an important step. But you should educate yourself with all the relevant information first. For that, asking pivotal questions to the best solar installer in Darwin is a must!

At Oneroof Solar, we make solar shopping easy for you. We will instantly give answers to the most essential doubts on going solar. 

In this blog, we have jotted down a few questions that will help you make a final decision while going solar.

Here are the questions you can ask the solar installers near me (including us!)

1. Can the best solar system installer in Darwin walk you through the design?

First, put the potential solar installation company in the hot seat. Next, ask them to go over the proposal they have for your home. 

Let them explain to you the products and materials they will be using. Clarify any technical jargon that you are confused about. Where will they install the panels on their property? Ask them all!

2. Will you be saving by going solar?

The best solar system installer in Darwin should let you know about the financial benefits of going solar with them. Ask them to furnish the price estimates of potential bill savings.

Oneroof Solar lets you know the expected monthly energy bill payments by going solar with them. 

3. Is any incentive available on the deal?

You don’t want to get fooled in by the solar installer company.

So, get the best solar panel deals and ROI’s. Factor in all applicable rebates and incentives to the price of your system. 

The solar panel installer should explain this. If not, ask them!

4. Are there any warranties on the labor, materials, and production?

Ask the best solar system installer in Darwin for product specifications on the project materials. Make sure to get absolute clarity on the warranties the installer company is providing.

The warranties should cover labor, panel system materials, and energy production. 

5. How long has the company been around?

Such an essential question, right?

You have the right to know about the competency and experience of the company. So, don’t miss out on this question

6. Does your company have licensure and insurance certificates?

Do the solar power systems Darwin have valid documents? They should carry the licenses to install home solar power in the area.

The licenses may include electrical and solar specifications. Insurance and bonding are a must for your protection.

7. Do you have home solar installation references?

Ask the best solar system installer in Darwin for references of completed jobs. Thus, make them show you detailed pictures of the installation before entering into a contract. 

The Solar Installation checklist
  • Do your homework
  • Don’t sign the contract if you have doubts
  • Take time deciding
  • Ask questions
Go solar with Oneroof Solar

At Oneroof Solar, we value honesty and transparency. We will clear all your doubts and guide you every step of the way.

Give us a call today and get a visual representation of your solar system today!

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