Best Solar System Installer in Alice Springs
Best Solar System Installer in Alice Springs:

A solar battery is an essential addition to your solar system. But not all solar power systems come with attached solar batteries. In fact, only 4% of residential solar installations had a battery backup in 2021 – but the numbers are soaring quickly.

According to the best solar system installer in Alice Springs – OneRoof Solar – adding solar batteries helps you store excess electricity, which can be used when your solar panels aren’t generating enough energy. Especially during peak hours, when the electricity company is selling current at a higher rate.

Also, having a solar power bank installed helps you avoid interruptions in electricity anytime the power grid is out or at night.

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Your home doesn’t always utilize all the energy produced by your solar panels. By installing Darwin solar battery, you can store this excess energy in the battery. Anytime the solar panels aren’t generating enough electricity to power your property, the solar battery releases reserve power to meet your electricity needs.

By installing our solar battery, you’re making most of the solar energy you’re creating. Any house that doesn’t have a solar panel without a solar battery is unknowingly generating power and providing it to other people to take advantage of it.

Call the best solar system installer in Alice Springs and get your solar battery installed today.

An In-Depth Understanding

Typically, solar batteries contain two materials:
Lead –Acid Batteries which been around for years and are cheap.
Lithium-Ion Batteries which is the most popular solar batteries currently.

These materials react inside the battery in order to store and discharge electricity and create the current necessary for people to use electricity.

A Bit About Inverters

When it comes to solar batteries, inverters play a crucial role in how these batteries store and convert solar energy. Though solar panels produce electricity from direct sunlight (DC), but electricity grids and homes use alternating current or AC.

By installing solar inverters, you can convert this energy from AC to DC or vice versa. Any solar battery you install from us -the best solar system installer in Alice Springs, it comes with an in-built inverter that can store the energy in DC form and convert it to AC to be used in the grid of the home.


Not all solar batteries are efficient and give you what you want. At Oneroof Solar, we are continuously experimenting with making our batteries more efficient for our customers. Connect today and talk to the Best Solar System Installer in Alice Springs and know more about the battery system you’re considering. Our batteries come with a lifespan of more than 40-years and will lessen electricity bills to one-third. Get your free quotation today!

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